Copper Fresh is a very exiting venture and has just finalized its production facility in Johannesburg, the web page will be up soon.

About copper fresh

Copper Antiviral Mechanism.

Denaturation of Genetic Materials(DNA and RNA)
Copper Ions released from the mask cause massive damage to viral cell wall components, viral Genes, and key proteins.

Key Features are

  1. 99.9% virus repelling on the atomic level;
  2. Soft easy to breath fabric;
  3. Trace amount of copper is active for life;
  4. Powered by Israeli engineering and patents;
  5. Materials is FDA, CE AND TUV certified.

To simplify our technology and patents, this Mask is Dual Copper Protection, and 99.9% Bacterial Filtration Antiviral Copper Mask Technology that stops Cross -contamination and Infection.

The mask has 3 layers

  1. inner layer A. PP spun bound Nonwoven Fabric Containing Copper Oxide.
  2. Internal Layer B. PP Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric(Filtration Layer)
  3. Otter Layer C. PP spun bound Nonwoven Fabric Containing Copper Oxide.

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